FS17 – Placeable Plates of Cultivator V1.0

Placeable Plates of Cultivator mod for FS17.

Awe folks Td bão I bring you hj this pack of cultivars plates
It was a trick that took a lot of work to get
More than 70, the texture on the boards, like most I had to mount and shovel the texture
Gave a lot of cheating even then, people have many plaques and and cultivars
For you to put in your crop, remembering that they are
Just put in the mods folder and then enter the game and go there in session
Object that they are going to be there then this is it vlw

Modelo da Placa::??? Texturas/Edit:Agricultor-FS FSBZ Moddings

FS17 – Placeable Plates of Cultivator V1.0 Download File
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