FS17 – Placeable Sawmill Without Base Plate V2.0

Placeable Sawmill Without Base Plate mod for FS17.

Bottom plate removed … Reason was the mod: FS17_Ground_Modification / Bodenüberabeitung, from now you can design your own terrain.
Fuel supply to 80,000
Fuel consumption (straw / bales) around Facktor 7.1 (duration of operation approx. 20-24 hrs)
New houses inserted
Unfortunately I am not able to insert a TipClision into the dugout but is still present, who can insert a TipCollision Please contact me.

General from v1.0.0.0 onwards:
Filling volume values ??have been changed. Production and waste
Wooden triggers were made higher and narrower
Pallet texture exchanged
Winkelhaus changed
Night lights
Sawdust waste around Facktor 0.5 reduced.
Undercover (original FS15) !! Attention !! Not necessarily suitable for bulk goods !!
Factory code LUA Version:
Masonry round heart + hedge
Small little decoration

Modell:Marhu/Funky/XaaD Textur: Script: Marhu/Kevink98 Idee / Konzept: Marhu/Funky Tester: XaaD Sonstige: Freigaben erhalten!

FS17 – Placeable Sawmill Without Base Plate V2.0 Download File

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