FS17 Placeable Seeds & Fertlizer V 1.11

Placeable Hot Seeds & Fertlizer mod for FS17.

The production of fertilizers:
necessary -> dung and liquidManure (max 20,000 liters per.)
Results: -> Mineral

The production of seeds:
Services: -> fertilizers and cultures (up to 20,000 l)
Results: -> seeds
Mixing ratio: 1: 1
Memory capacity: 60,000 l max each.
Stations: shovel or a tipper; The starting of the vehicle are capable of doing.
Emptying station: a shovel or a belt conveyor
Cost: $ 90,000 for construction and $ 10 per day
Liquid fertilizer is produced!

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

SanAndreas, Kevin98 and Marhu

File Details:ZIP / 29.1 MB
FS17 Placeable Seeds & Fertlizer V 1.11 Download File

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