FS17 – Placeable Shelter V1.17

Placeable Shelter mod for FS17.

Underground V1.17 placeable and with function. For LS 17

This dugout can accommodate 13 small vehicles (tractors, etc.).
The building is divided into 2 floors. In the lower area it is
possible to refuel. The gates are designed in such a way that one with a
Drive the combine harvester into the building to refuel
can be removed. In the upper
Area is only space for small vehicles. With combine harvesters
you do not drive up.
Place this building on flat surfaces only.

Modell: Harrybo Textur: Harrybo Script: Harrybo Idee / Konzept: Harrybo Tester: Harrybo Sonstige:

FS17 – Placeable Shelter V1.17 Download File

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