FS17 – Placeable Silage Silo UPK V 0.5


Placeable Silage Silo UPK mod for FS17. Capacity: 700000 liters

Version: 0.5 Changelog:

Textures changed from wheat to grass
Clear Area, now there is no grass around the silo
Capacity increased to 10000000
thumb.db deleted
Incorrect path to store image fixed
Function added that you always see all levels (only when you are at the silo)
Fill Liters to 750
Production from 100 to 250 adjusted

UPK : https://www.simulatorgamemods.com/fs17-universal-process-kit-and-feedbales-pack-v1/

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.


FS17 – Placeable Silage Silo UPK V 0.5 Download File

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