FS17 – Ponsse Buffalo Log Transporter V1.0

Ponsse Buffalo Log Transporter mod for FS17.

Hello everyone, I was doing some logging and got a bit frustrated at loading and carting logs to the production faciliities, so I modified the defualt FS17 Ponnse Buffalo and installed Marhu’s “Auto Load Wood Script” to load and unload logs automaticly. This made carting logs so much more fun.

Removed the Crane and Grab
Added a collision node at the back to prevent logs from sliding out when loading and traveling up hills
Increased the speed to 35 km
Installed Marhu’s Auto Load Wood Script

Loads 5 to 6 meter logs
When loading and unloading; Start snd Stop the processes so that a couple of logs are loaded/unloaded at a time, this will reduce the chances of logs getting crossed and going everywhere.

Model: GIANTS Software GmbH Texture: GIANTS Software GmbH Script: Marhu Idea / Concept: Getsome2030 Testing: Getsome2030

FS17 – Ponsse Buffalo Log Transporter V1.0 Download File

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