FS17- Pottinger Jumbo Combiline Series Trailer V1

Pottinger Jumbo Combiline Series Trailer mod for FS17.

This mod contains 4 types of the famous Pöttinger Jumbo Combiline Series.

The pack contains the types:
– Jumbo Combiline 6010
– Jumbo Combiline 6610
– Jumbo Combiline 7210
– Jumbo Combiline 10010

Chassis configurations:
– The Jumbo combiline series differ from ordinary forage wagons because of their thoughtfull chassis.
– The Jumbo 6010 and 6610 can be equiped with a short wheelbase chassis with the small tires and a long wheelbase chassis with the wide and higher tires.
– The Jumbo 7210 has the options to buy the long wheelbase tandem or the best tridem chassis available.
– The Jumbo 10010 is standard equiped with the most comfortable tridem chassis.

JDVB, MMI, Eifok-team, fruktor, danielll, dennis, P€€ter

FS17- Pottinger Jumbo Combiline Series Trailer V1 Download File

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