FS17 – Pts12 Body Dh Trailer V1

Pts12 Body Dh Trailer V1 mod for FS17.

here is my pts12 turntable Trailer that I already gave/there in LS15, now for the FS17

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Features / Tag
Texture slightly revised (Mip Maps)
Dirtspecular revised
Pendulum axis
VariableBody (structure for changing)
Dynamic pants
various xml parameters re-set

Price: 18900 €
Day maintenance: 48 €
Loading Capacity Structure 1 Grain: 12000 Litres
Loading Capacity-Building, 2 Grain: 24000 Liters
Loading Capacity-Building 3 Silage: 34000 Liter


Norton, sergei1994, Mad Dog, Dima Kostin, USSR,(alex1985)

File Detail:7.9 MB / ZIP
FS17 – Pts12 Body Dh Trailer V1 Download File

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