FS17 – Red Rose Farm Map V2

Red Rose Farm Map mod for Fs17.

Welcome to Red Rose Farm i converted from fs 15 now i come to fs17 it a britsh style map with 6 grass fields and 7 arable fields and you also have a place for placebles  you start off with 10 cow 10 sheep and u also start off with 22 silage bales, 22 hay bales and 24 straw bales and u get a full trailer of grass and soybeans
i want to also want to thank Mr tink gaming for test the map and creits got to  Nathan 6930 for his cow yard off Kendle farm hope u will enjoy playing on the map .

Thomas Matthews, MrTink Gaming, Nathan 6930

FS17 – Red Rose Farm Map V2 Download File

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