FS17 – SA Production Of Pallets V1.1.0

SA Production Of Pallets mod for FS17.

Updated mod “SA PRODUCTION OF PALLETS” for FS17 from the production line “of the SVAPAAgro”. Version 1.1.0 (German version)

To work you need the following resources:

1. Wood.

2. Biogas. (For biogas, you can use our mod “SA BGA V 1.0.0“)


1. The empty pallets.

2. Woodchips.

Pallets you can sell at the point of sale of pallets, stored in the repository (included in mod) or to use in our mod from the production line “of the SVAPA Agro”.

To purchase a production you can store in the category “SVAPA Agro Production”, which are all purchased objects of our mods. In addition, find objects and brand “SVAPA

The mod is compatible 100% with all of our mods. Functions checked. Compatibility with other mods will be checked periodically.


FS17 – SA Production Of Pallets V1.1.0 Download File
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