FS17 – Samson PgII 27 Manure Tank V1.2

Samson PgII 27 Manure Tank mod for FS17.

Tank Capacity: 27.000 liters
Price: 180,000€
No errors in the log

A very popular slurry tanker in Denmark has now come true in Farming Simulator 2017. In this version a rotor tin has been added to the rear of the slurry tank.

There is a 27 cubic meter gauge tank.
There is a pump tower on the slurry tank, but the pump tower has no suction power.
There is a working rotor tin behind the slurry.
A minus of this courage is that it has bad brakes and therefore it may be good to roll if it is not excited for tractor.
You may find that the fashion goes into farming, so it will be possible to control anything. However, it’s not dangerous because you just close farming with “job list” and then delete the mode.
It’s not me who’ve made the mood, I’ve only made a little remake on it.
It is Mikkel Nielsen & William Soegaard who have made, and therefore they even get credit on it.

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.


FS17 – Samson PgII 27 Manure Tank V1.2 Download File

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