FS17 – Saved Game Rancher V1.4.4

Saved Game Rancher mod for FS17.

This is a custom saved game for farming simulator 2017 version 1.4.4 non-steam version. I have edited the documents of this saved game to make it specificly for a ranch. one field by each paster besides the chicken coop. all equipment, placeables are sold and loans are fully paid off. difficulty is normal. and the character is male. if i get enough good support for this game i will release more saved games as i plan to do ones for other specific things to do in farming sim 17. the name is Jim bob but you should be able to change the name within the career saved game document which can be opened with various text editors.

1. Download the files
​2. Create a new folder called savedgame(#)
​3. Put all the downloaded files in the folder and launch the game and it should be there in career mode

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

Just me

FS17 – Saved Game Rancher V1.4.4 Download File

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