FS17 – Scania R730 Crusher V1.0

Scania R730 Crusher mod for FS17.

As you understand, this is a truck for harvesting chips, the engine power is 500 hp, max. speed 130 km / h., the volume of the main body of 24500 liters, there you can transport all the standard crops, but it was created under the chips. In the kit there is a special device crusher-manipulator, which is hung on the truck from behind, the manipulator is needed to throw the logs into the crusher, and the chips will enter the trailer. In the kit there is also an additional trailer for 44,500 liters. When buying in the store on the truck you can put a more powerful engine, max. power 730 hp, you can choose the design, the secondary color of the design and the main body color.


FS17 – Scania R730 Crusher V1.0 Download File

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