FS17 – Semi-Trailers For Kraz V1.3

Semi-Trailers For Kraz V1.3 mod for FS17.

For sale in category trailers
Semitrailers for transportation of basic cargoes in volume of 35000л and 60000л- (with unloading downwards).
Semitrailer for transportation of grass, silage, etc. volume of 70000 liters.
There is also a trailer with a volume of 30000 liters.

Barrel for transportation of digistat and liquid manure with the possibility of introducing into the soil:
volume 35000l
working width 16m.

Semi-trailer timber carrier with belts and the ability to remove the racks on one side.

Sold in category miscellaneous
A barrel for transporting milk and water with a volume of 30000 liters.
Semi-trailer for transportation of animals 40 pigs and sheep and 20 cows.
Semi-trailer for transportation of pallets with the expanded list of products and with the function of auto-selection.
A barrel for gasoline with a volume of 22000 liters.

The trolley.
Working lighting equipment.
Wash them.

There is a warning in the log.

werik, Silak_68, MUK Modding, Crew, Pisty, AleksBam777, Kyoshos Modfactory

File Detail:54.6 MB / ZIP
FS17 – Semi-Trailers For Kraz V1.3 Download File

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