FS17 – Simuplayer V1.0.7

Simuplayer mod for FS17.


I know the Ls17 own music player possesses, only I have no lust when I work in the GEs ls17 open to have ^ ^
So save yourself the unnecessary comments the Ls17 has a music player. πŸ˜‰

What is SimuPlayer?
SimuPlayer is an external music player that allows you to listen to radio streams like SimLiveRadio.
SimuPlayer has a TabView which can also be integrated into streams.

How does it work?
Very simple, start, add songs and enjoy.
How do I install it?
After the download, you unpack everything in one Folder! I stress EVERYTHING!
Otherwise the installer can not find the data. Then start the Setup.exe
Follow the installer’s instructions.
After completion, you will find a link on the desktop of SimuPlayer
You can now delete the installation folder.
What is planned for the future?
No idea. I am therefore glad about wishes, feedback, ideas.

Known mistakes
Currently no known πŸ™‚

Also intressant
SimuTools Community Group: Join Us
Simugamer: Like Us
[Partner] SimLiveRadio: Visit us
VirusScan: [100% Fourier! See Self!
We wish you much fun with our program
SimuTools: Daniel.B, Nico.B, Whitetiiger.

Modell: Nico.B Textur: Nico.B / Daniel.B Script: Nico.B / Whitetiiger Idee / Konzept: Nico.B Tester: Nico.B Sonstige: SimuTools

FS17 – Simuplayer V1.0.7 Download File

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