FS17 – Small Hall V1.0.0.0

Hello erstmal, have since a hall Restored. Gamer I do not know from whom the hall is. Since the textures were still in bmp and jpg, I take time that she is already older!
The hall has now got a completely new suit, I hope you like it.

2 Animated gates with animated lock. Only visible from the inside.
2 neon tubes with changeover circuit, the switches are always to the right of the gates. ( Inside )
1 filling station Refueling

Please copy the lines and paste into your (if not present) animatedObjects.xml!
And then still the path in the GE Adjust, see picture!

Copy one line and insert into your (if not existing) modDesc.xml!

Copy creaky_door_4.wav to your sounds folder. (If none)
Switch01_0.wav to your Sounds folder. (If none)
LG Construction Engineer

Giants, Niggels, --- Lightswitch, Arii --- Tor Unbekannter --- die Alte Halle

FS17 – Small Hall V1.0.0.0 Download File

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