FS17 – Sosnovka 17 Map V1.3

Sosnovka 17 Map mod for FS17.

This is a reconstruction of the original Sosnovka.

Version 1.3
Revised the RoadTrack arround the map
Added a new Train
Modified two fields are big now
Adapted sell trigger to the new Train
A New Silo Storage ready for the Train
Added a new Forest and many more have fun

Version 1.2.5
Added a Saegewerk by marhu
Added more than 300 Trees in the map
Added some objects and Create more Lakes
The road train more trees added and barrier and many more have fun

Pigs Sheep Chickens and Cows in the farm
I Build a Road Train You Can Drive in the Map well, it’s not perfect but is playable
A New Storage silo ready for the Train
Station for Wood ready for Train
Start vehicles has changed
Some Fields are modified and many more
Now I wish you much fun from the Map.

Model: Giants Texture: Giants Script: Giants Idea / Concept: TheSnake Testing: Other:

FS17 – Sosnovka 17 Map V1.3 Download File

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