FS17 – Sosnovka Not Map V 2.0

New is a mixed ration mixer, this can be filled with a trailer, bale’s or a front loader. Empty only with a front loader at present.
Some other small change’s including storage for sugar beets, potatoes and woodchips.
Fixed silage heaps to be compatible with FS17 v1.3 and in general fixed map collision’s.
Added workshop at farm, and added some small improvements

Fix’s include the cleaning of animal troughs where the bucket got caught while cleaning, plus some other small fix’s.

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

Giants, Johnny Vee, KevinK98 MarhuLS17 FabrikScript lua

File Details:ZIP / 649.3 MB
FS17 – Sosnovka Not Map V 2.0 Download File

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