FS17 – Sudthuringen Farm Map V3


Sudthuringen Farm Map mod for FS17.  Welcome to the SüdThüringen Map! This is a 4x map and currently in 2.9 alpha stage.
This map is huge and has a lot of stuff todo. That’s why i need your help. Working alone on this project was not easy. Testing was only done by myself. I tired so sort out as much bugs as possible. To fully experience the map you need to update your game to or anything higher.

Six beautiful additional foliage layers.
Beautiful landscape
Cow, sheep, pig farms.
Fully working triggers for loading and selling animals.
No errors in log.

Mowing grass at 45 degree angle gets choppy. It’s happening because of map being 4x and Giants no longer supporting it.
Three foliage layers at one spot gives little flickering in that specific bush.

Next version:
Use some kind of 2k sky to make map even better looking.

Version 3 Changelog:
Fixed missing water planes and few other things that you don’t see.

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

FS15: lsfamer2011 and fendtxylon524 FS17 Osmis_Modai

FS17 – Sudthuringen Farm Map V3 Download File

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