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FS17 – Tanneberg Farm Map V1.0

Tanneberg Farm Map mod for FS17.

Hello and welcome again in Tanneberg.
A few of you have been to the map from the 15’s.
Since they have played some, I did not want to deprive you of them in LS17 …

The size of the card is about 1/4 of the origanal size.
It is more for the singleplayer but I think also suitable for 2-3 players.
The map was built to my ideas and I hope you like it!
It is playable anyway, only

The milk can be picked up at 00:00 hours, directly at the stable, with the appropriate means of transportation and at the
What is the best way to get rid of it?
The old pig’s bastard unfortunately does not exist, but the original ones
Unfortunately, the fields have become more angular, owing to the field emissions:
Since I have a lot of placable mods and also original objects, I do not know yet whether I rebuke such,
Unless the demand is large.
I hope that I could keep the flair from the old version!

I would like to thank the modders for the great work !!
If someone finds himself here again, may.

On the map, there are, besides the standard features:
– place for placeable objects
– 3 sales outlets
– 2 water sampling points (free and farther away from the farm), affordable water is directly at the farm
– Collision on the fields, I ‘ve waived, this is ok!?
– 14 fields (buyable, with missions) and min. 3 meadows

-Kotte Universal (liquid manure, milk, etc.)

So now I wish you much fun playing.
Yours sincerely: ruffrider

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FS17 – Tanneberg Farm Map V1.0 Download File
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