FS17 – TFSG EPA V2.0

TFSG EPA mod for FS17.

To answer the many messages, we spanked past for good to nothing, we decided to react and hit a big blow.
For you the fools and also and especially for all the other players who wait for kind of mods!
The large scale, also called aerial ladder or self-scale, is a vehicle used by Firefighters, and that carries a retractable ladder of great height. The term “large scale” is used by the general public, professionals simply speak of “scale”, or else use an abbreviation (in France: EPA, for automatic swing ladder, EPSA for semi-automatic swing ladder, EPC , For combined pivoting ladder, which now tends to impose itself).
Here is an improved version by our team.
Completely functional on FS17, it will however be improved soon and will be proposed in version 3.


FS17 – TFSG EPA V2.0 Download File

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