FS17 – TFSG Grader Caterpillar 140M V1.0

TFSG Grader Caterpillar 140M mod for FS17.

This is the first fully functional on FS17 graders. When the vehicle came alive entierrement, taken to complete these functions . The scripts have improved to a perfect optenir mod. It is nevertheless likely that if you have the compétances, functions can be improved.
We offer TFSGROUP today mod PUBLIC in complete freedom WORKS. It is free from all obligations as soon as it is created via GIANT Editor .
Good game for all.

Model: FREDZAZA Texture: TFSGROUP/ZORLAC Script: TSFGROUP/MARCUS31 Idea / Concept: FREDZAZA/TFSGROUP Testing: TFSGROUP Other: VIDEO MisterSimilaire / PICTURES zorlac

FS17 – TFSG Grader Caterpillar 140M V1.0 Download File

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