FS17 – TFSG Mediaco Speed Clocks Wirins

TFSG Mediaco Speed Clocks Wirins mod for FS17.

We now offer this improved version of this LTM11200 TFSG MEDIACO SPEED CLOCKS WIRINS.
We thought it was tedious to do the proper controls and lift cables and other rotions of the hook.

For this reason we released mod to correct these errors.
Today the orders are identical , but their uses are much easier. However, used with caution.

Model: WINSTON9587 Texture: TFSGROUP Script: TFSGROUP Idea / Concept: TFSGROUP Testing: carolinaboy Other: RABATT GAME / SCRIPT / LIGHTS / CABLE / SKIN VON TFSGROUP

FS17 – TFSG Mediaco Speed Clocks Wirins Download File

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