FS17 – The Interior Edit Team Sardegna – Seriousmod V1.0

The Interior Edit Team Sardegna – Seriousmod for FS17.

Given the need to have a totally forest map and particularly suitable for the series Extreme Forestry Season 2 of the Team Sardegna by AlexFarmer, the BilloFarmer Team mapper has made it possible to make The Interior compatible with the type of requests made by Alex .
The work lasted a few months to recreate some new areas, see the integration of new factories such as the production of pallets, charcoal and wooden boards. A totally new store, a town where you can sell cut wood and a biogas that only accepts chips.
He also worked on the project Agrigamer15 for the conversion of factories and the operation of various scripts.

Thanks to the permissions obtained by Serious Mod we managed to make this beautiful edit available to all players.

Kirezagar (the Alps map on which the Interior is built) NLD-Farmers (FS17 base map) FSH Modding Map (sawmill building) GoldFox Models (sheds at sawmill) Rand0msparks (map logos, PDA, and imagery) Abel Modding (centerbeam train cars, lumber stacks) BcBuhler Modding (woodchip car) James60470 (Liebherr log loaders) NI-Modding (dealer shops) LazyMod Studios (propane and fuel tanks) möchtegernbauer (industrial warehouse) California Central Valley Map (industrial buildings, static semi trailer, various objects) Hermit23 (poleshed) Blacksheep Moddig (dealership building) Various Others Edit: BilloFarmer "Team Sardegna" Script: BilloFarmer - Agrigamer15

FS17 – The Interior Edit Team Sardegna – Seriousmod V1.0 Download File

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