FS17 – The Morice Land Map V2 KF

The Morice Land Map mod for FS17.

This map has been designed and developed by me and may only be obtained with this link
the spreading and re-spreading is FOREIGNED !!
my thanks gild the indirect contributors the scripts, 3D models have made available
the testers of the HoG
I wish you a lot of fun with my map
people the mop, do not load say nothing, potholes need no human!
pigs and sheep do not need to be cleaned anymore
to the function of the map the Kotte-pack 1.8 is required.

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

Modell: 3dmodelle / Gians / ist mir leider nicht bekannt Textur: gians / agsteam / moricespencer Script: Blacksheep/RC-Devil/kevink98/Marhu/Blacky_BPG/vortex1988/grafik-edv Idee / Konzept: moricespencer Tester: moricespencer, angehörige der HoG vereinigung Sonstige: danke an die leute die hir nicht aufgefürt sind, da unbekannt. dank an die leute die monate lang mit mir die karte getestet haben

FS17 – The Morice Land Map V2 KF Download File

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