FS17 – The Old Man Of The Sea Map V1.0.5

The Old Man Of The Sea Map mod for FS17.

The map is being loaded. You can also see the map of the island in the map below.

Fixed Problem for the Placeable Objects
Added Splines Animated Boats Workers Dog etc
have fun

standard Fruits and extras Oat Rye Millet Spelt Triticale
In the map you have all the features from the game LS17
Hope you enjoy.

Model: TheSnake Texture: Script: Marhu Idea / Concept: TheSnake Testing: Other: Credits Giants Marhu Blacksheep Modding Manuscript GT Al_Bundy And all the Modders for the objects and ideas in the map

FS17 – The Old Man Of The Sea Map V1.0.5 Download File

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