FS17 – Thornhill Farm Map V1.0.2

Thornhill Farm Map mod for FS17.

Welcome to Thornhill Farm v1.0.2! A large sized map now with 43 fields! You have one small yard and lots of equipment.
– This map is a ficticous map based in flatland America.


– 11 more fields added.
– Biogas facility added.
– Sawmill added. (Wood sell trigger now working!)
– Hired workers now go to edges of fields correctly.
– Bio heating facility added.
– Designated forestry area added.
– Added more foliage
– Increased all sale prices.

*** You will need to start a new save if you are using Thornhill Farm V1.0.0 or Thornhill Farm V1.0.1***
I hope everyone will enjoy this map, if there is any problems let me know.


FS17 – Thornhill Farm Map V1.0.2 Download File

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