FS17 – TSZ Map V4.0

TSZ Map mod for FS17.

2017.01.30 n0tr3adY
+ Sheep added (trigger, navmesh, buyerrigger)
+ Custom terrainPaint texture (wald)
Cows fixed, some concrete slabs deleted 🙂
+ Animated barrier added

2017.01.31 n0tr3adY
+ TipCol down + obj
+ SiloTrigger
+ ParticleEmitter

2017.02.10 n0tr3adY
TipCol buildingfix
Cow strawplane fix
+ Pedestrian spline 01
+ Pda

2017.03.30 n0tr3adY
+ Pig navmesh, triggers

2017.06.20 Nedi
+ Replaced the entire contents of the maps / scripts (chopped straw and dirt mode are no longer available)

2017.06.21 Nedi
+ Map01.xml fixed to PDA Map
+ Unnecessary trigger fixes fixed on the map to pda
+ Default vehicles added to get started
+ Load image replacement

+ Seed seed and chemical filling trigger added

Zoli 108, F2s, Rilo84, Notready, Stehbeni, Nedi.

FS17 – TSZ Map V4.0 Download File

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