FS17 – Twinstar Engine Options V1.0

Twinstar Engine Options mod for FS17.

Edited the truck to add motor configurations, and also increase the max speed. I didn’t touch the torque-RPM scale or the max RPM, but I did adjust the max forward gear. This means instead of having an artificial speed limit, it is now limited by engine gearing and max RPM. I edited the max forward speed to match what the speed was at max RPM and max gear, it tops out around 68 mph.

I also included several engine options. I did lots of research for this. I tried to find single axle trucks and wrote down their HP and engines and then compiled a list and prices based on that. I wanted some cheaper options that are under-powered to allow myself to buy a “used” semi while I still had a smaller farm.

Model Options:
Paccar MX9 – 260 hp
Paccar MX11 – 350 hp
Paccar MX13 – 445 hp
Cummins 14.9L – 510 hp

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.


File Details:ZIP / 13.1 MB
FS17 – Twinstar Engine Options V1.0 Download File

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