FS17 – UAL Script for INKL. V2.0.9.5 Beta

UAL Script for INKL. Beispiel Mods mod for FS17.

Moinsen her there on the monitor,

Finally the time has come. After countless hours of testing, experimentation and cursing
Our UAL-Script is finally ready for use in the LS17.
That’s why we present you here today the complete UAL package for download and self-testing:

The following is available here:
Fliegl DPW180 with UAL-Script
Stoll ball pen with UAL-Script
Stoll pallet fork with UAL-Script

3D models: GIANTS
UAL-Script: HoT online Team

UAL: Autoattach of bales and pallets
UAL: Unloadable page selectable
All standard functions
100% MP compatible

No log errors known

New bales
New types of pallets
Configurable in the shop (with / without UAL)

More information:
Requires: LS 17 Purchase version + current patch

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

Model: GIANTS Script: HoT online Team

FS17 – UAL Script for INKL. V2.0.9.5 Beta Download File

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