FS17 – Ural-M & Trailers Pack V1.0

Ural-M & Trailers Pack mod for FS17.

The pack includes:
Truck URAL-M
Engine selection – 220 and 270 hp.
Select the color of the cabin.
The choice of design is 5 types (the grid is added to the headlights and front guard, gasoline truck)
Lighting engineering.
Animation of shaft, motor and muffler, instrument panel and lighting.
Semi-trailer Nefaz awning
Removed awning.
The rear doors open.
There is auto-loading.
Nefaz platform semi-trailer
Choice of body: transportation of loose materials volume 38500 liters. and for transportation of logs (unload by pressing Ctrl + I
the menu with unloading on X will open).
Semitrailer tank
For sale in the section “Miscellaneous”
The volume of 40000 liters.


FS17 – Ural-M & Trailers Pack V1.0 Download File

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