FS17 – Ursus C-360 3P Koja (FS15) V1.0

Ursus C-360 3P Koja (FS15) mod for FS17.

60s were made to order! Do not like it? Do not download, do not heal!
Model: Marcello1942
Script: Rockstar94 and the rest …
Programming FS 15: Rockstar94
Edit: MafiaGrabina (formerly President3P / ziarkovi)
What mod has?
Tire bending
To approach:
Cables in front
Rear Loaders (left and right)
Mask open
Door open (left and right)
Moving things:
Fans, belts, etc …
Pedals, gears and the rest of the xD
Punching while working
New real smoke
Hand brake
Beam which after the attachment of the machine disappears
The towel which, when attached, appears
Dynamic camera
Anim. coming
Mod hand
Passenger v2 (possibility to enter 2 passengers at a time) per MP
Real sounds and txt
Rain on the shafts
No bans (because I broke them myself)
Just do not change the link!
If you pull the txt from yellow 60 then please let me mention it to me (yes they are my txt!)
After downloading, you need to unpack the package!


FS17 – Ursus C-360 3P Koja (FS15) V1.0 Download File

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