FS17 – Valley Crest Farm Map 4X V1.7.6

Valley Crest Farm Map 4X V1.7.6 mod for FS17.
Welcome to Valley Crest Farm 4-fold

V1.7.6 – changelog
Soymilk Prod. And Weaving set
Fabric roll pallets inserted in PDA sale
Fabric roll pallets volume reduced to 2000
Hoftankstelle – Füllanschluss einhebaut – Tankgeschwindigjeit increased
Soy Milk Prod. – Pig Feed Drainage Speed increased – made Ftuitbilder colored
Fertilizer, seed, liquid fertilizer, concentrates and pig feed inserted in PDA sale
Hospital – tree fixed in the air – driveway furnished
Biogasprod. – input only silage – shield attached
Composter – Sign large delivery added
Sugar factory – Corrected removal sign for bagasse
Sugar Factory – Signs Collision added
Station Lagersilos slightly increased

Gas station installed – in the south
Gas station installed – at the coal works
Car wash installed – at gas station in the west
Cowshed enlarged
PDA Map – streets highlighted
Yard workshop – images added
1 productions NEW – liquid fertilizer

Standard Map with additional modifications:
• 2 Feurewehr
• Shop
• Racetrack
• 2 airport
• 2 sawmills
• Garages with workshop
• gravel rock dirt cracked asphalt cement concrete sand …..
• 2 quarry
• Biogas

as well as new road course also new Zugstrecken are contained.
Have fun with this map !! 🙂


File Detail:1.8 GB / ZIP
FS17 – Valley Crest Farm Map 4X V1.7.6 Download File

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