FS17 – VIDE X1 Map V1

VIDE X1 Map mod for FS17.

Map completely empty of original size, there is nothing left, no fields, no animals, all the buildings are removed as well as all the textures in the zip. This map is ideal for those who want to leave from zero to create their own. Most zips maps are filled with unnecessary dds or i3d which inflates the weight of the zip and the download time, with that it is not the case or just test your mods. I’m doing it in multifruit with 10 more crops like grape, hops, ect and several products like sand, coal, ect ect map X4 or 6 I do not know yet.

Giant FH51100 sparnacien

FS17 – VIDE X1 Map V1 Download File

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