FS17 – Vieux Marais Map V1

Vieux Marais Map mod for FS17.


Here is my new card : Old Marsh
It has all the basic features of the game Farming Simulator 17 plus a few scripts for more realism. The fields are small and medium-sized, ideal for play equipment with 3 to 4 meters and is perfectly suitable for middle power of 140 horses.
Stall curable
Fish farming
Ability to install the storage cell
More angles of terrain
Snow-Mask (compatible with mod seasons)

I thank all those who have done the 3 s present on the map, also Arsenic Modding for the fish and also the TMP for their function TP.
I also thank all those who participated in the tests : Tuc67, JFITfarmer, Zyro.

Map by : Xelma
Tests by : Tuc67, JFITfarmer, Zyro...

File Detail:368.5 MB / ZIP
FS17 – Vieux Marais Map V1 Download File

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