FS17 – Vineyard V4.0

Vineyard mod for FS17.

Version 4.0
Fix; Palettes are now saved
Constant logging of the money in log.txt corrected
Clear areas adapted to the basement
Money raised in sales

I hereby present to you the vineyard.

A big thank you to the Wingi me. With the Council

For vineyard now:
1: You need a big flat box (purchased) to build the mountain to build. For the price of the mountain nothing that you put it up.
2: You fill as manure,
3: Harvesting can be done with any trailer, which would rather be a small to use. Your can go through if their.
4: The grapes can be stored (tilt), and in each store.

Einen großen herzlichen Dank Modell:giants, susi Textur: susi/ ferbman98 Script: mahru,kevin98 Idee / Konzept: susi Tester: susi,wingi,Bernd,sven für den Stromverteilerkasten Von: BlackSheep(RC-Devil) und für Verbaut von Icecold : fiktiver Taschentuchspender für VerNOOBdesign Weinhaus El_Cid

FS17 – Vineyard V4.0 Download File

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