FS17 – Webstats V1.3.0

Webstats  mod for FS17.

Status page for Farming Simulator 17 Mod Map North Friesian March

Version 1.3.0
– Project renamed FS17 Webstats
– Change of templates to multilingualism
– Animal overview supplemented
– Cow and pig pest are now displayed in the production overview
– BGA and driving silo support
– FS17 Webstats is now prepared for the support of other cards
– Support for Nordfriesian Marsch 3.0, Goldcrest Valley, Sosnovka and Mod Map Tanneberg 2.0
– Check whether fsockopen () is allowed during installation
– error handling changed; Log file instead of display
– A password must be set during installation. With this you can reset the settings later
– In the Options dialog you can switch between 3 and 4 columns in the stock overview.
– Multilingualism now also for production sites, warehouses and goods
– Vehicles can be named via extra file
– card configuration
– support for infinite storage capacity (for example, for cows and pigs)
– The “only palettes” setting now works correctly in the stock overview
– Pellet pallets are now displayed in the warehouse at the Pelltes factory (# 8)
– Combine substances have not always been added
– Negative stock levels of the factory trip are filtered out

The website generates overview pages for local game sites or dedicated servers for the map North Friesian Marsch .
server status

Display of players as well as vehicles on the map. (dedicated server only)
Storage overview

Overview of all stocks in the farm silo, the pallet storage facility of various seed and fertilizer stocks, etc. Inventories in vehicles and production sites are included. Various sorting and display settings are possible.
Production overview

Overview of all production sites. Missing raw materials or full bearings are marked in color. Alphabetical sorting or by level.
factory details

Display of additional details of production facilities. In addition to storage volumes and capacities, consumption and production are also displayed per hour and day.
commodity details

Display of the storage locations / quantities and the goods requirements. Overview map with marked storage and production sites as well as the pallets and bales.
Here is a demo

Download and unzip the zip file on a PHP 5-enabled web server. The required data is requested when the page is accessed for the first time. For dedicated servers, the IP address of the server, the port and code, for local games, the directory of the game. A database is not required. User settings are stored in cookies.

FS17 WebStats Copyright John Hawk

FS17 – Webstats V1.3.0 Download File

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