FS17 – Weidemann 4270 Cx 100T V1

Weidemann 4270 Cx 100T V1 mod for FS17.

What has been done is basic:
– convert mod and completely LS17 Standard brought
– some of the objects decomposed in order choice of color/Dirt is possible (many parts had previously Dauerdirt)
– further objects are decomposed in order to make, e.g., windshield wipers individually animatable
to let – house developed Script to the positioning of the FL-arm/swing arm display

Previous functions (shop):
Wheels config –> 750 60R30.5, Nokian, 400 70R20 ### all as a forestry Edition (indicated by “F”) and in each case as a rear-wheel or all-wheel drive (2WD/4WD)
– Color config –> default Weidemann red + full range
Wheels color config
– Cabin config — closed – > open, closed forest Edition (lamp protective grille + front windscreen protection)
Disc config–> normal or tinted
Engine – config –> 3 performance variants (75-122PS) than 20km/h (S-Standard), or 30km/h (E-Extended) variant
– Fender config –> with or without front fenders
– Extra config –> without, with working cameras, with FL-Kontrol-Monitor, or both
– Attach config –> Weidemann-Attacher, tele-loader-Attacher or FL Attacher
Condition used config –> new or Facelift Version
– Lightbeam config –> with or without the particle effects in the light

Previous functions (in General):
Windshield wipers during rain, activate
– Turn signal lever-animated
Joystick responds to control of the arm and the swing arm
– various warning lights in the interior animated
Console returns only after the Boarding
– Hazard warning lights when reversing (according to the real example)
– time-dependent headlight particles
– Exhaust particles adapted
– MR Support
– Seat suspension
– Dynamic choses to support (only on the boom and crocodile teeth/silage cutter)
– Hand-Brake-Mod Support
– OilChange-Mod Support
– Interactive control

Additional tools (all in the old and the new available):
– Big bale fork (foldable and redeemable participating auxiliary frame)
– Crocodile teeth (2500L)
– Extension fork (1800L)
– Pallet fork
– Shovel (2000L)
Silage fork with grapple (2250L)
500kg in weight (not for Facelift Version)

Note to some of the Shop-Configs:
– in Forestry-Edition of the wheels, the chains are mounted. But they have no effect and are purely visual
– the different engine variants E and S have different maximum speeds, the speed indicator in the Cockpit responds to the difference unfortunately
– the FL-control Monitor indicates by a pointer the current angle of the swingarm (not the device, what is attached) and as a bar the current lifting height
the work cameras are installed in the swing arm and one on the rear as a reversing camera. Depending on the attached Tool, the camera setting may not be optimal.

ingaming/textures/animations/etc: HoFFi
3D work: gunthaa aka RedCat 3D, TSM and HoFFi
scripts: LoogleCZ, Ifko[nator], Michi77, xentro, upsidedown, mogli, Manuel Leithner, modelleicher, raffnix, sven777b
testing: moddingwelt, Gnom Atom
social media: Pixelfarming, Gnom Atom, SF Henry, SirJoki, Snu

File Detail:49.1 MB / ZIP
FS17 – Weidemann 4270 Cx 100T V1 Download File

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