FS17 – Westbridge Hills Bandera Edition V1.1

Westbridge Hills Bandera Edition mod for FS17.

Try your luck in the New World! This area in the USA is in need of a skilled farmer who can tend to its sprawling fields. Please start a new savegame. Changelog v1.1.0.0 – Field 16 and 17 fixed, no other fruits – Farm silo only has standard fruits by now – Maximum amount of farm silo decreased – Added groundMarkers to each trigger for visibility – Added baleTriggers for each animalHusbandry – Realligned collisions at each animalHusbandry – New nav mesh for pigs – Smoothed out terrain.

Bandera, holecsko, GIANTS Software

FS17 – Westbridge Hills Bandera Edition V1.1 Download File

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