FS17 – Westerrade Map

Westerrade Map mod for FS17.
75 purchasable fields with sizes from less than 1 to over 60 hectares 21 purchasable meadows Cattle and pig fattening (with suitable transport
trailers in the shop) Today it is time – finally comes the LS17 Westerrade for download.

A few dates:
75 buyable fields with sizes from less than 1 to over 60 hectares
2 fields very cheap to buy, because weeds are
not littered with start fields – but higher silo level at start
21 purchasable meadows
Cattle and pig ram (with suitable transport trailers in the shop)
Slurry Mist lime
prepared for:
Hose Ref System – Chopped Straw – Grazing Animals – Seasons – Forestry purchase

required mods:
mCompanyGraphics – LS-Modcompany

optionale Mods:
buyable forest – Download buyableForest
grazing animals – Download RM_grazing_animals
Hose Ref System – Chopped Straw – Seasons – CCM – alle im ModHub zu finden

All modders whose mods and scripts we have used for the Westerrade – THANK YOU!
DZB The Zocker brothers – thank you for all the support, the map ideas and great teasers!
LS Pitstop – thank you for your help and support!
LS Real Drivers – thank you very much for the help!
Thank you, who have waited so patiently for a new edition of the Westerrade!

Info / Download:
For health and private reasons, we have the map to today not 100% get ready as we had planned. Nevertheless, we did not want to put you off again and had to do without a few decorative interventions. Functionally, however, everything is ready and you can start now fully and completely. For what is not finished there will be an update in the future.

Please use for feedback & support the extra dedicated area in the forum of LS-Pitstop.

Allen Moddern deren Mods und Scripte wir für die Westerrade genutzt haben - DANKE!
DZB Die Zocker Brüder - vielen Dank für die ganze Unterstützung, die Map Vorstellungen und tollen Teaser!
LS Pitstop - auch euch ein Dank für die ganze Hilfe und die Unterstützung beim Support!
LS Real Drivers - ebenfalls vielen Dank für die Hilfe!
Danke Euch, die ihr so geduldig auf eine Neuauflage der Westerrade gewartet habt!

File Detail:927.6 MB / ZIP
FS17 – Westerrade Map Download File

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