FS17 – Zuidwest – Friesland Map V1


Zuidwest – Friesland Map for FS17. Farm, Port where you can sell straw, BGA, two outlets for selling the crops, Machine shop, two storage places for the grain. a small barn on the farm with 4 boxes. a at the potatoes and sugar beet storage., Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Chickens., At the sales point right at the machine shop you can buy and sell the animals., carwash without function. Place a placeable pressure washer., nice landscape, Clear pda that is numbered.
Best Farmers,
Here is a new map for everyone.
The map is based on zuidwest-friesland.
Please note!!! The map is 32 hours tested in the dedicate server.
On 25-11-2016 is there an update come out by giants software.
Where now the dedicate server does not work.
This is not our fault. You can play multiplayer via the computer or singelplayer.
It’s wait and see that the problem is solved at giants.

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

Map by Mike Giants, William10, Barn/Barracks: EJBFarmingBV, Strassenpaket_by_Fatian, 6mgate: Sandgroper, Windmill by: manuel, Barn: NI Modding, NKB-Modding,

File Details:ZIP / 463.4 MB
FS17 – Zuidwest – Friesland Map V1 Download File

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