FS19 – A Jnj Animal And Silo Placeable Modpack Final

A Jnj Animal And Silo Placeable Modpack Final mod for FS19.
Animal Extention Ready Seasons Mask Ready

The Large Farm Silo: (Base Game Silo Edit)
fillTypes = “wheat barley canola sunflower soybean maize potato sugarBeet sugarCane oat cotton rye sorghum onion carrot millet hops manure liquidManure digestate straw silage grass chaff cabbage redCabbage tobacco spelt lettuce poppy triticale pigFood forage lime fertilizer seeds liquidFertilizer herbicide woodChips water compost dinkel forageMix rice forageMixing poplar oilseedRadish clover_windrow dryGrass_Windrow grass_Windrow capacityPerFillType=”2,000,000″/>

Animal Pens: all animal (feed, Straw, Water, PooP, and spawn) triggers are on one side for easy placement.
“PIG” ” maxNumAnimals=”500″
“HORSE” maxNumAnimals= “50”
“COW” maxNumAnimals=”500″
“SHEEP” maxNumAnimals=”500″ Wool Pallet drop area holds 20
“CHICKEN” maxNumAnimals=”800″

Johnny Thompson (Akecheta Wakan) JnJ Mods

File Detail:37.2 MB / ZIP
FS19 – A Jnj Animal And Silo Placeable Modpack Final Download File
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