FS19 – Animalsmanager V0.5 Beta

Animalsmanager V0.5 Beta mod for FS19.

This mod is to give you the opportunity to change / reset some LS19 default values ​​in the animals and more.

Version 0.5 Beta
* Fix animalCleanLinessOff string
* Update liter / decimal 1,000 —> 1000
* Update visualHud Display near AnimalMenue Trigger (Door)
* New SP optional edit horseBarn limit – default small 8 and large 16 (sp over edit xml optional) see Picture
* New optional visualHorseHud (high prio, VehicleFruit Hud Low)

In multiplayer / HostMp / DediServerMp and SinglePlayer games.
The following is currently possible or coming soon:
v0.3 – set Animals Placeable Limit New (LS19 Default 10) NOT FOR HORSE (limit 2)
v0.3 – set Animals cleanLiness Off (over-string) (each animal individually)
v0.3 – set Animals cleanLiness On (true / false)
v0.3 – Animal Visual Limit New (Performenc)
v0.4 – visual display nearness Animals (XML On / Off) “BILD”
Is XML Edit then Restart Game / Server (NOT Reboot XML inGame)
animalPlaceableLimit exaggeratedly high —> own risk
animalVisualLimit use for better Performenc
All values ​​can be set via the XML file
XML Settings File for Mod: (edit xml values ​​…)
… / LS19 / modsSettings / AnimalsManager / animalsManagerSettings.xml <------- SP / HostMp
… / ServerRootDirectory / animalsManagerSettings.xml <------- DetiMp
Check pictures:
Color Code Description: Click here


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FS19 – Animalsmanager V0.5 Beta Download File
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