FS19 – Artistic Rat Rod V1.04

Artistic Rat Rod V1.04 mod for FS19.

This mod includes multiple User defined features such as:
  • DriveSTYLES
  • US
  • US FLEX Mode
  • EU (drive on passanger side)
  • Other Options
  • Color Options
  • Engine Color Option
  • Main Color Option
  • Seat Color Option
  • Rim Color Option
  • Rim Center Color Option
  • Vehicle Options
  • UnderGlow Color Choice x4
  • Headlight Color Choice x3
  • Window Tint Color Choice x9
  • Hood Ornament Choices x14
  • Door Ornament Choice I/O
  • Box Decortaions Choice I/O
  • Horn audio Choices x8
  • Engine Choices x6
  • Attacher Choice 1|2|all
  • Wheel Choices x8 combonations
Version 1.04 Changelog:
  • Added multilingual option!!!
  • Added 4 more engine speeds in the engine options
  • Standard diesel and 350 v8
  • Medium diesel and 350 v8
  • YEEEET diesel and 350 v8
  • Installed a High Roller Cam so you may notice a bit of a differance the
  • First time you start it back up as far as the engine sounds!!!!!
  • Shortend the width of the front and rear axle so the rat now fits inside
  • the expendables car hauler enclosed trailer
  • Patched Underglow lights Shadow Casting causing extreme Lag under
  • Certian circumstances
  • Rat Rod now not Drivable until engine is at Idle
  • Enlarged coal effect while driving diesel motor and lessened it while idling

Rust and Main Body Texture made by: Old_Man_Flash, Assistance for a Few First time things By: CaptainD430, NinjaMan, DC420, Henchman

File Detail:157.5 MB / ZIP
FS19 – Artistic Rat Rod V1.04 Download File
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