FS19 – Babcock Acres Beta V1

Babcock Acres Beta V1 mod for FS19.

THIS MAP IS STILL BEING CREATED NOT EVERYTHING IS PERFECT. Some problems are the fields are not how i want them the map is a bit of there is no border on the map. Also you have to buy the whole map.

Please know this is still a W.I.P.

Thanks to the creaters of Westby Wisconsin and Michigan Farming, i have used stuff from there maps. Also thanks to the creator of this mod. https://modsbase.com/hzg3xc7tw1a5/Flags_pack.zip.html 

I am going to add a border, trees, and work on fields more for future updates.

if any issues are found please tell me.

Babcock Farms
Discord: Babcock Farms#8954
Youtube: babcock Farms

Babcock Farms

Also to thoose already metioned

File Detail:299.3 MB / ZIP
FS19 – Babcock Acres Beta V1 Download File

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