FS19 – Basic Pastures Pack V1

Basic Pastures Pack V1 mod for FS19.
Sometimes you just want animals in a field! By request, open pastures without buildings. Just the basics. This pack includes a pasture for cows, sheep, and pigs. Cows produce milk, and sheep produce wool. There is no straw / slurry / manure on these pastures.

– Price: 5000 €
– Daily upkeep: 1 €
– Animal capacity: 150

Placement Note: Markers are visible while you are placing the pasture to show where the animals will wander. After placing, the markers disappear. You can toggle their re-appearance by clicking the rusty bucket.

Seasons Note: The cow and sheep pastures include grazable grass for seasons (the grass will grow after placing). If this does not fit the appearance of where you are placing it, simply landscape over it.

Leveling Note – These pastures do not level the whole pasture area. Because of this, it’s suggested that you place them on relatively level the ground. They can handle a bit of a hill, but if there is too much of an incline, there may be issues with the animals floating.

Foo Farmer

File Detail:1.4 MB / ZIP
FS19 – Basic Pastures Pack V1 Download File
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