FS19 – Dlc Claas Pack

Dlc Claas Pack mod for FS19.
Unpacked version of the DLC Claas Pack, released with the game version 1.5.1
Works on version 1.4.1
Installation: put this archive in the mod folder

giants software

File Detail:527.6 MB / ZIP
FS19 – Dlc Claas Pack Download File
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12 Responses

  1. Fonziyo says:

    The tracks on the large Harvester do not rotate as they should

  2. Adam Woźniak says:

    There is a problem with scripts. have the extension .l64 and should have .lua. Unfortunately, this cannot be easily changed. can anyone help?

  3. Myro777 says:

    Hey there is already FS19 – Claas Patch V1.2 – Patch Notes best regards and waiting for upadate

  4. simo says:

    Can you please update it to 1.2? Thanks

  5. Stevino says:

    Hello there, I have fixed the problem with not moving tracks on lexion and jaguar. You can download fixed mod here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/osll9w8cmh1rhx6/FS19_claasPack.zip/file
    Unfortunately, it’s still old version 1.1. (If autor of this mod wants to delete this, I’ll do so.)

    • Martino says:

      Hey dude, may wann share how you did it?

      • Stevino says:

        I copied “tracks” folder from mod – Claas lexion 8900 and pasted it to this mod. So I’ve replaced the bad files in that folder with good ones. Easy

  6. Myro777 says:

    Hello, I would like to ask for updates Claas Patch V1.3 best regards

  7. Meikel says:

    can you please upload the current patch 1.3.0?
    A couple of bugs have been fixed

  8. Benjamin034 says:

    I have problem with numbers,when i click on change engine for example Claas Arion 610 to 660 the number on the hood stay 610 what is the problem?

  9. Wraugan says:

    Hello, the numbers didnt match on these vehicles: (ARION 460-410, ARION 660-610, AXION 870-800, AXION 960-920) when u are switching motor configurations. They showing the default motor configuration numbers.

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