FS19 – Durrenroth Map V1

Durrenroth Map V1 mod for FS19.
I have built a map, see for yourself, it is a single player map which also plays very well in multiplayer.
The fact that the map can now be played by you is due to a great support from Kubo and the FBM team.
Next I would like to thank all the modders who made it possible for me.
If I forgot something or someone in the credits, let me know, I’ll do it.

This is a map that I have built in LS17 for me, now I have the map for the LS19 completely rebuilt on the template map of FBM.
Since I am a single player, the map is fully aligned and built according to my needs.
It’s the way it is, of course, can do a lot different, more extensive, bigger, etc. But I do not need that for me.
The map is ideal for small to medium sized machines.
And I’m happy to occasionally play a casual round LS in a cozy environment.
All LS19 functions are built in and made Seasons ready.

To the map itself:
There are 6 yards built, almost all yards have with me to the animals still an additional task or function,
such as. the fertilizer and spraying technique, part of the harvesting technique or grassland technique etc.,
so synonymous better FPS because not all machines are in one location.

All farms have the necessary storage places for feed and products of land and animal.
I have the sales and purchase points designed so that you can not get with every XXL vehicle, just the map accordingly, rather small.
You can find a BGA and can run a small forestry.

Topographically, the map is hilly, but all fields should be easy to work on.
I tried as well as I could to make the fields helper-friendly, at least who made the headland itself it works wonderfully with me.

With the horses a ride over the map could be a nice experience.
You are in possession of all pastures, the reason is that they are all fertilizable for this, of course you also have some farmland.
The fleet is a bit luscious here, I like to have a higher account balance because I like to switch tractors and machines to get a job done.
In order to enjoy the map to the fullest, a new start as a new farmer is mandatory and all mods needed must be in the modfolder.
Now comfortable, relaxed LS hours are not far away.

Map was tested in singleplayer and multiplayer and is log error free.
For reporting the error, please use the provided help / feedback thread.
Please respect the handling of the map, thank you!
A very special thanks to Kubo who has supported me super

Required Mod:
Seasons V1.0.1.0

Swissfarmer, Kubo, Giants, Lancyboi and ShyWizard, Apuehri, Der Pieti, Dorset, FS-UK, RWModding,
BlacksheepModding, NKB Modding, Jendrek, scottryder, robbie_/_rwm.

File Detail:605.4 MB / ZIP
FS19 – Durrenroth Map V1 Download File
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