FS19 – Indivitualhudfruit V0.6 Final

Indivitualhudfruit V0.6 Final mod for FS19.
Regardless of the Map / Mods, this mod allows you to bring your own Fruit / Fill Huds into play. (Concluded from LS17, user request)

Version 0.6 Final
* New Vehicle Fruit Icons replace

In multiplayer and single player games.
It remains up to your creativity how these should look, no matter if colorful, b / w, comic or real pictures. All you need is a program (I recommend paint.net). I have prefabricated some Huds (more bad than good, sorry).
And so that the whole works in the SP and MP, the Hud Files are stored outside again, so you can play with each other in the MP, no matter who uses which Hud files.
An option has been added with which you can customize your own hud files to different maps. So you can react more flexibly since and according to Graphical Map changes to the fruits through the MapModder. This is optional and does not need to be used.

Unpack the packing archive 1x.
The zzzz_IndividualHudFruit.zip belongs as it is to your Mod folder. (Client, server)
The IndividualHudFiles.zip must be unpacked with the subdirectory into your LS 19 folder, where the directories savegame1 etc. are located (see also picture here). (Client)
…. / FarmingSimulator2019 / IndividualHudFiles / *. Dds
FruitFiles —> _wheat.dds and optional _wheat_small.dds etc. etc.
priority low in the SP and high in the MP
Optionally you can create subdirectories in the IndividualHudFiles folder, a savegame .. and save your hud files for individual savegames. (see also picture packing archive). (Client)
…. / FarmingSimulator2019 / IndividualHudFiles / savegame1 / *. Dds
FruitFiles —> _wheat.dds and optional _wheat_small.dds etc. etc.
priority high in the SP and no function in the MP
Function Client: All Huds files found in the directory and also present on the map will be replaced accordingly. The Huds files from your IndividualHudFiles / savegame folders are preferred. Of course, this only applies to SP.
So that you know, which Fruits there are on the map, these will be extra spent in Log.txt and can be seen there by you. The fruit names have to be identical with your file name. If there is a wheat.dds file in the / IndividualHudFiles directory and the fruit is also on the map, the Wheat Hud will be replaced by your Wheat Hud. Otherwise, nothing happens. If the format of your file is not correct or not, no hud will be displayed.
Everything has to be written in small letters.
Function DetiServer: The server only needs the zzzz_IndividualHudFruit.zip in the Mod folder. The directory / IndividualHudFiles and the Hud files the server needs NOT and should not be present.

I recommend to keep a format when saving your own hud files to avoid complications (see picture). And I recommend a file size of 64.1 kb. FileFormat * .dds (BSP: _blank.png)

If you would like to make your own Huds available to others, you are welcome to do so and I can also post an appropriate link here.
Hud Files (Link) by LS Modcompany LS19
!! Attention link are copied from the LS17 and under circumstances no longer active !!
Hud Files (Link) from the user Landwirtschaft_der_ddr who makes them available to you.
Hud Files (Link) from the User Oelly who provides you with his.
Hud files (link) from the User Güllemax (FBM team) that make yours available to you.
Hud Files (Modhoster) from the user Güllemax (FBM team) who make yours available to you.

Modell: HappyLooser
Textur: HappyLooser
Script: HappyLooser
Idee / Konzept: HappyLooser
Tester: HappyLooser
Sonstige: HappyLooser

File Detail:661 KB / ZIP
FS19 – Indivitualhudfruit V0.6 Final Download File
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