FS19 – Kvisslingby Map V1.1.5.6

Kvisslingby Map V1.1.5.6 mod for FS19.
This map is inspired by a real Place in Södra Roslagen, Sweden.

Interresting features;
-You have to buy the land to get access to the animals and buildings on that landplot.
-BGA and Woodchips sellpoints do have opening hours 7-17.
-Custom Lightning, weather, rain, real night darkness.
-Custom pickuptruck with more powerful headlights (it gets pretty dark in sweden).
-Custom traffic, higher speed, better collisions so you dont get hit by them.
-13 Mission fields with various sizes/shapes/crops.
-17 Other fields with variation.
-7 build in farms.
-Transport missions.
-All animal types are placed on the map from the beginning but you have to buy the land to get access to them.
-Sellpoints for all standard ingame crops.
-Various forestry with alot of trees.
-Many build in placeable buildings, see brand ”Kvisslingby” and ”Lizard”.
-Removeable rocks from field-islands. They are also buyable in the shop for ”i dont know use” maybe you know!
-Placeable ”Snowmarkers” so you know where the roads are when it’s alot of snow.
-Many paths for horses to ride on.
-Working Lighthouse.
-Seasons optimized with snow-missions and seasonal textures.
-Be aware; the map is realistic with Swedish signs and names, and right hand traffic.

-In Kvisslingby seven farmers work;
-Kvisslingby Gård (N): Tina Von Dardel -Cows, lime and she is kind and lets you borrow her silos.
-Åby Gård (NE); Ann-Cathrin Jöngren -Cows, Sellpoint Bales.
-Gillmyra Gård (NE) Ulrika Singstedt -Abandoned farm, sellpoint; Slurry, Digestate.
-Grindtorps Gård (NE) Lennart Jöngren -Chickens, and he is kind and lets you borrow his silos.
-Smedby Gård (W) Catarina Tennström -Sheep and Horses.
-Sjökarby Gård (SE) Arne Nilsson -Mission Fields, sellpoint manure, and he is kind and lets you borrow his silo.
-Hacksta Gård (S) Charlotte Nilsson -Pigs, and sellpoint for Beets.

Other places of interest;
-Skånsta Ryttare -Horses, sellpoint oat, bales.
-BGA, Biogasbolaget -selfexplaining -Open: 7-17
-Spinnery, Spinnverkstan -sellpoint wool, Cotton.
-Svenska Foder -sellpoint Crops.
-Lantmännen Maskin -Shop.
-CircleK -Gasstation, ATM.
-Galne Gunnars Glass -Sellpoint Milk, Egg.
-e.on -Sellpoint Woodchips. -Open: 7-17
-Woody -Sellpoint Lumber.
-Animal Dealer/Slaktarn -selfexplaining


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